Providing a very special education since 1982.

Harbour Magic happens every day at The Harbour School. Harbour is different from most other campuses. At Harbour School kids come first. Our philosophy has real school implications when it comes to teachers creating individualized education for each student. Students do not have to adjust to our way of teaching; we adjust to the students’ way of learning. Related services staff know that all families are different and we embrace that difference in working with families and in assigning consequences for student behavior.

The Harbour School curriculum is unique too.

Every course has specific competencies that students demonstrate. There are no tests at Harbour except those that are required by the Maryland State Department of Education. Students demonstrate what they have learned through learning activities rather than working their way through chapters in a book. A student completes a course when that student is done with the competencies for the course. That could take a full semester or not. Pacing is student-based not guide-based.

At both Harbour School’s Baltimore and Annapolis campuses, you can feel the difference when you walk through the door. There is a family feeling to the school. We frequently talk about the Harbour Family and it is true. You will never see an administrator sitting behind a desk and talking at students, families or staff. We all work together as one partnership to create the best possible outcomes for each individual student.