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We thank everyone for the help we have received as we all work together to get L… through the next few years of becoming an adult.

C.. has made so much improvement since being here.  Harbour is a thing.  

I’m so thankful for each and every one of you at Harbour School who has been there for K… during his educational process.  K… has been struggling for quite some time but with love, guidance, knowledge and patience that Harbour staff has offered K… is becoming a better leader and student at the Harbour School.   I did not understand why K… was not able to read but God was right on time.  Now I don’t have to say K… get a book to read; he’s already at the table reading out loud so me or Dad can hear him.  Every time I attend K… IEP meeting the team made sure the right testing was done and offered more and more support that allowed him to re process what was missing and nurturing him back from the beginning up until now.  I have been impressed this past week in in listening to K… reading and able to read fluently and having confidence within himself that he can master anything if he tries harder.  God has washed away those tears and his frustratin in not wanting to read. I was so impressed when he said Mom, I need the SAT book to study so I can be ready for college.  All, I could say to myself was "thank you Lord for answering one of my prayers".  I have several more to go on my bucket list for my boys before I depart this earth in ensuring they can sustain in life.  Kudos to Harbour School family, K..'s football and basketball coaches that remind him daily what he needs to get to the next level.


Thank you for the work you are doing with E….   It is exciting to see how he is growing and learning.   I really appreciate the work you do with him. I remember when you warned me that he might  be emphasizing the “th” sound at home.   You were right.  He really did.  He does work on things; and he works especially hard for people who are caring toward him, as you are.


Before D… came to Harbour we were not sure what would happen to D… after we left this earth.   Now he is working at a real job, lives in his own apartment and enjoying life.   I so knew he was ready to go out on his own, I did not cry on his moving out day.   Well maybe only just a little.


I know I haven't always been the easiest person to work with but it was out of fear.  Fear of not knowing what I could do for my child.  When we first came here we were lost and you guys came to the rescue, so thank you all for everything you've done for us.


We can't thank everyone at Harbour School enough for providing the attention and the kind of environment that L... needs to thrive.  I have been tearing up and more whenever I think about it since she has started at Harbour.  It is such a joy to see her more confident and achieve what I knew she could do all along if she wasn't so afraid.  As evident in the meeting, it is great to see her be so confident and decisive about what she wants and advocate for it.  Quite a change.


We deeply appreciate The Harbour School for shaping A.. into the person he is today.  Each and every experience has changed his life for the better, and without The Harbour School, we don't  think he would be who he is today.  We are forever grateful for his nonpublic opportunities and growth under your school system.  A.. is truly a success story!


I've been at Harbour since 2013.  I love this school.  I love my friends I've made here, especially best friends.  Harbour School has helped me learn almost how to stand up for myself.  I'm able to be myself at this school.  People don't judge me.  People here love me and I love them.  I love playing around with people here.  I have a best friend.  Her name is A....  She's been there for me ever since I came to this school.  She has helped me so much with learning how to ignor people and standing up for myself and I love her for that.  A.... and I have been through a lot together.


We were honored to be part of Harbour magic this morning.  The lessons and activities were tremendous and it was great fun to be a part of it all.  We can't believe how engaged T... is in class and how much he is learning.  So very grateful!


Thank you very much for the open house and watching B.... at work in school.  I was very impressed by the lessons being taught - science included graphing, experimentation, sound waves, etc.  Math included angles, protractors, compasses, and geometry.  The lessons were well thought out and planned.  I was also impressed by the teachers' kindness and patience - being challenged to teach a group of students at such different levels.  The teachers handled all of this well and the other students showed patience and kindness toward their peers as well.  Thank you again for allowing us to witness the magic of Harbour.