"The Harbour School is a warm, safe place where we the staff respect and believe in each child.  The Harbour School environment enables each child to explore, inspire, and learn to his/her fullest potential."  Susan Diliberto, Teacher at THS Baltimore

"Thank you, Mom, for putting me at The Harbour School."  Madelyn, student at THS Baltimore

"Magic is a mysterious word, full of intrigue and uncertainty...but add the word Harbour and something otherworldly happens.  When we got the letter confirming that our son was going to be accepted at The Harbour School we knew that we had found a unique place for him.  He truly was like a ship lost at sea in his life up to that point. The Harbour School community welcomed us and immediately put us at ease, assuring us that we were going to chart this course together and get our son the help he needed.  We are so grateful for what you and your staff have done - the results are nothing short of magical."  Bernadine Dullaghan and Jarlath Finn

"Please let the faculty/team know that to date, this is the first time that my son has EVER come home, from Pre-K to present, and said "Mom, I LOVE my school!!!"  He is confident in doing his homework and even with getting up before sunrise to come to school.  Thank you for giving my son the chance he deserves - to thrive, live, and enjoy his educational experience."  Amber Muhammad

"The Harbour School staff is a rare breed!  You have helped us to build the foundation for improved academic achievement and social interactions for our son. Your impact is significant and will truly help our son for the rest of his life.  Thank you for your commitment and genuine concern in educating and advocating for children with special needs.  You see our son not only for who he is, but also for who he can be!  We will be eternally grateful."  Damian Lee and Desann Manzano-Lee

"I want to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Jacobs for her tenacity and persistence as she relentlessly pursues funding and support to provide for the extraordinary needs of the young people at The Harbour School.  The caliber of education that my son has received cannot be matched anywhere else in the world."  Lisa Banks-Williams