Life After The Harbour School

Everything we do at The Harbour School is designed to create the best possible outcomes for students when they leave. We are committed to seeing every child leave with the appropriate exit document whether that is a diploma or a high school certificate. Regardless of the document students are college- and/or career-ready.

Our program is not just academic. We offer social skills training to prepare our students to navigate the social world as teens and as young adults. Our summer camp further explores the ability to get along with peers.

Annual Follow-Ups

Our annual follow-up study shows that over 94% of our graduates are working, in post-secondary education or both. Our transition team makes sure that every graduating senior is connected to an appropriate resource agency before graduation. Our transition program is sequential so that by the time a student is ready to graduate he/she has been employed at a competitive level at a paying job or completed a college course that is appropriate to the student’s skill set. We assist parents and seniors in finding the appropriate resources for the post-high school transition.