Welcome to The Harbour School

IMG_0464.jpgWe named our school The Harbour School because it is a safe harbour for children and staff. Many students come to us after bruising experiences in other schools. They may have been bullied or perhaps made to feel they could never learn. Our first step with a new student is to help that student feel safe to take the risk to learn. We make this happen through our behavior toward students. We know that the students have heard all the good words before, so it is important for them to first experience our behaviors so they will learn that learning at The Harbour School is a safe experience.

With specialties in autism, ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities, The Harbour School’s certified special education teachers, assistant teachers and related service personnel staff our school. More than 20 percent of our staff have been with us 10 years or more. Students benefit from studio art, performing arts, recreation education and technical instruction to teach the soft skills of job performance.

Technology at The Harbour School

Technology is everywhere in our school. Each student has an iPad. There is also a desktop computer for every two students in each classroom and a SmartBoard. Our students learn to use 3-D printers, digital movie-making and patronize the Village shops using a point-of-sale system much like what they will find in the retail marketplace.

All this and the best-looking interior of any school!