Educational Technology Resources

Throughout the school day students are asked to use a wide variety of educational technology resources at The Harbour School. An educational technology resource is defined as any device, online platform, application (app), or software that enhances the student's experience in the classroom. 

Educational technology resources at The Harbour School fall under three categories, primary educational technology resources, secondary educational technology resources and tertiary educational technology resources.

What is considered a Primary Educational Technology Resource?

Primary educational technology resources are applications that are considered essential tools to deliver educational content and operational services to the students at our school. These essential technology resources are reviewed yearly and meet all the necessary digital privacy and security standards for students.

Examples: G-Suite for Education, PowerSchool, and IXL Learning

When selecting educational technology resources The Harbour School ensures that the number of technology resources is limited to reduce screen time and to reduce the presence of the student's digital identity on the Internet. The Harbour School feels that privacy and security is important so we make sure that our educational technology resources comply with the federal and state policies on student data privacy and security standards.

  • The Harbour School maintains contracts with these vendors and ensures that they comply with the necessary data privacy and security standards.
  • Primary educational technology resources are considered essential tools for student success, and they are necessary tools for access to instruction and learning in our program. 
  • Student accounts for educational technology resources are created and managed by The Harbour School.

What is considered a Secondary Educational Technology Resource?

Secondary educational technology resources are non-essential tools that enrich the student experience, but are not essential for academic success in our program.  

  • Secondary educational technology resources will only be authorized if they comply with federal and state standards for protecting student privacy and data.
  • Educational resources listed on the website and/or in the handbook will be utilized unless parents choose to opt out. Parents will have the opportunity to "opt-out" of their children's use of these secondary technology resources at any time. If a parent "opts-out" of a technology resource, teachers will find a suitable alternative enrichment activity. 
  • Student accounts are not automatically created. Accounts are created individually by a teacher and a student, and login information will be shared with parents.

What about Additional Educational Technology Resources?

Additional educational technology resources are reviewed and approved by the administration team on a case by case basis. These resources are optional and they are not listed on the website or in the handbook. Additional educational technology resources will require a permission slip signed by parents.

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