Alumni Stories

HG started at The Harbour School as a middle school student.  He had had terrible public school experiences, to the point that he would scream and cry every morning when his mom dropped him off at school.  As he progressed at Harbour he became more comfortable.  He is very smart and his academic achievements began to accelerate.  By the time HG graduated from Harbour he had taken several courses at the community college in Japanese.  Since graduating from Harbour, HG has earned a bachelor's degree in computer design and Japanese.  He has traveled to Japan on his own.  He is currently working as a digital designer.

SS graduated from The Harbour School at Baltimore.  He had a particular interest in street cars and frequently visited the street car museum.  Since graduation from Harbour, SS has earned an AA degree from Baltimore City Community College.  After completing his AA degree, he has enrolled at the University of Baltimore, where he has been on the school's honor roll.


AH graduated from The Harbour School at Annapolis.  He has served as a Baltimore City police officer for seven years.  He recently purchases his own home and is in the process of doing some remodeling and decorating.  AH thinks his next step will be to share his home with a partner.


AF graduated from The Harbour School at Baltimore.  She needed to work through some significant social/emotional issues.  After graduating from THS, AF attended American University in Washington, DC, where she earned a bachelor's degree. AF has worked as a counselor in women's programs and decided she wanted more training so she could help more.  She is currently attending George Washington University where she is studying for her master's degree in social work with an emphasis on women's issues.