Alumni Stories

HG started at The Harbour School as a middle school student.  He had had terrible public school experiences, to the point that he would scream and cry every morning when his mom dropped him off at school.  As he progressed at Harbour he became more comfortable.  He is very smart and his academic achievements began to accelerate.  By the time HG graduated from Harbour he had taken several courses at the community college in Japanese.  Since graduating from Harbour, HG has earned a bachelor's degree in computer design and Japanese.  He has traveled to Japan on his own.  He is currently working as a digital designer.

AC came to the United States as an adoptee from Russia.  He came with the emotional baggage of a Russian orphanage.  While at The Harbour School, AC excelled in performing arts, playing a wide range of leading roles.  During his time at Harbour, his mom died.  Now AC had lost two parenting figures.  AC continued on the path to graduation with the support of our clinical staff and his family.  He made a video to his mom to help work through his grief.  His graduation speech left few dry eyes in the auditorium.  He is currently attending Harford Community College and working in community theatre.


GLT arrived at The Harbour School with lots of smarts and lots of emotional issues.  GLT spent a lot of his early years at THS growling at staff and fellow students.  His growling was so severe that it frightened other kids and staff.  While staff worked on the appropriateness of his behavior, he was also given challenging academic opportunities.  So much so that during middle school he was moved into the high school math program so that he would continue to be challenged.  GLT's mother was hugely supportive all along the process.  GLT told staff just before his graduation in June 2015, he was not going to have senioritis.  He was going to learn every thing he could as fast as he could.  GLT received a scholarship from The Harbour School scholarship fund and is currently attending community college.