Transition Program and Career Center 

The Harbour School Transition Program provides comprehensive job skills training to prepare students for success as they move toward adulthood. High school students participate in a variety of career exploration and sequential community-based work activities to meet part of the requirements of The Career Research and Development Completer Program. These work experiences are coordinated, supported, and supervised through our Transition Department. Students are required to complete four courses to meet the transition requirements. Each course is designed to build upon and strengthen job skills and positive work habits learned at the previous level. The program focuses on soft skills development and teaching students to be successful in any employment setting. Students begin by participating in job shadowing where they focus on observation and inquiry while visiting a number of different businesses in the community. Students who are planning to go directly into post-secondary higher education may also choose to take a course at the community college as part of their last year of the transition experience.

Real world, hands-on experience

Students participate in job samplings where they start to take on more practical hands-on experience. They gain a realistic view of what it is like to work in a variety of job settings, as well as assess the appropriateness of the setting according to their personal preferences, strengths, and weaknesses. Third, students participate in a volunteer job in the community where they work for a longer period of time to continue to develop positive work habits and specific job and self-advocacy skills. Lastly, students are required to work in a paid job in the community where they learn job skills needed to maintain long-term, competitive employment such as problem solving, initiative, work quality, and dealing with others in an employment setting.