Harbour School Admission Process

Parents or guardians interested in applying for admission for their child to The Harbour School should take the following steps:

  1. Visit the school to learn about its philosophy and operation and determine if you are in agreement with both. Contact The Harbour School by phone to arrange for an appointment or email us at admissions@harbourschool.org.  If contacting us via email PLEASE INDICATE YOUR COUNTY OF RESIDENCE AND PROVIDE A TELEPHONE NUMBER WHERE WE MAY REACH YOU.
  2. Submit the application including previous school records (school testing, report card, psychological evaluations) and the application fee of $50.00.  A copy of our Application for Admission can be found here
  3. Secure additional assessments if necessary. 
  4. School staff will contact you to arrange a visit for your child.   
  5. Await notification by mail of the final admission decision.

The Harbour School is co-educational that admits children whose achievement level is between readiness and grade 12. The Harbour Schools do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, or ethnic origin.

Admission Policy

  1. All children are welcome; however, the curriculum is uniquely designed to serve those children who are having challenges in the traditional classroom. Children who have been diagnosed as learning disabled, multi-disabled, within the autism spectrum, other health impaired (ADHD) and gifted learning disabled are most appropriate for the program. 
  2. The Harbour School is NOT designed for students with the following characteristics: substance abuse, sexual aggression, physical aggression against people or property, adjudicated delinquent, needing sign or Braille or other alternative language or moderately cognitively disabled. 
  3. Parents should be in agreement with the philosophy and supportive of the school’s efforts. 
  4. The final admission decision is based on the application material, the interview with the parents, and the visit with the child. Potential students must have long-term potential of living independently or semi-independently. 
  5. A child’s placement within our program is determined by a combination of factors; chronological age, academic functioning, and social and emotional development. In the high school these factors will determine into which program the child is placed.