The Village Curriculum 

It takes a village to teach a child.

Adaptation of an African Proverb

Based on the concept that our school is a microcosm of society, the Village Curriculum allows students to learn information and to use the knowledge in real life situations. The high school math classroom becomes a bank. The science classroom becomes an environmental agency. Town Hall operates out of the social studies classroom. The field house becomes a sports zone. Students complete applications and interviews at the employment fair to become employees of different businesses.


Each one of the businesses in the village is an integration of skills—math skills, writing skills, technology skills, communication skills, and social skills. Students quickly realize that in “real life” subjects blend together. The banker must be good not only in math, but also in writing and in speaking.

Shopping is an integral part of our village economy. Our point of sales system means all students have debit cards. Along with the fun of shopping with the debit card comes the responsibility of being aware of their Harbour dollar bank balance.

The village is designed so that students achieve the knowledge to help them become contributing, happy, members of society.