Harbour School’s Graduation Requirements

IMG_9294.JPGAll Harbour School students must meet the minimum Maryland State graduation requirements. These requirements include specified academic credits, an approved completer program (Career Research and Development), and service learning hours. As part of service learning, seniors complete a 30-hour community-based project. Students are challenged to develop skills in the area of academic competence, social competence, emotional competence, and vocational competence. The ultimate goal is for graduates to be prepared to pursue their post high school ambitions educationally and vocationally.

Publicly Funded Students

Publicly funded students pursue a diploma or certificate by meeting their local school system’s course and credit requirements, passing the required state assessments, and completing 75 hours or more of service learning. Each local school system issues the awards for graduation. 

Privately Funded Students

Privately funded students receive a Maryland State Board of Education-approved Harbour High School Diploma based on earning 23 specified credits, including 6.5 credits in the CRD Completer Program. In addition, students complete a minimum of 45 hours of service learning and a 30-hour senior project in their final year of high school. In lieu of a diploma, students may pursue a Maryland State Board of Education-approved Harbour High School Certificate of Program Completion based on completing 22.5 units/credits, including the CRD Completer Program. These students must also complete the service learning and senior project requirements.