Graduate Outcome Survey

As a table requires four legs to stand sturdy and strong, our students also require instruction in four key areas to successfully transition to adult life. Students are challenged to develop skills in four key areas of competence: academic competence, social competence, emotional competence, and vocational competence. In doing so our students graduate with a solid foundation, prepared to enter the adult arenas of continuing education, career and family -- ready to succeed!

Beginning in 1997, and every year since, we have conducted graduate outcome surveys to measure the effectiveness of our programs in meeting our mission. Every year we have found that more than 90% of our graduates are successfully employed, enrolled in post secondary education, or both. In a country where the unemployment rate of individuals with disabilities exceeds 75%, we are proud to know that we are effectively preparing students to contribute to the health of their communities by leading successful lives.

Download the most recent edition of our Graduate Outcome Survey here.